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CARing for Kids

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Meet Bobby and Cindy

Bobby and Cindy are two friends who met several years ago at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They both have parents who work at local car dealerships and have always been taught about the importance of helping others.

One day, Bobby and Cindy were invited to a special event at Children’s Hospital. Their parents wanted them to see how great things could be accomplished when good people and companies team up to work together. The event was the dedication of a brand new patient welcome center that about 200 new car dealerships helped fund so that families had a place to go while their loved ones received the care they needed.

At the event, Bobby and Cindy looked around and felt grateful for everything they had. They took those feelings, talked to their parents about wanting to help more people and now, nearly ten years later, they have become the well-known faces of the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation.

All year long, you can find Bobby and Cindy doing good work in their communities. For fun, they both like to play golf and visit the annual Philadelphia Auto Show, which they admit has turned them into car fanatics. They use their love for cars to help mentor high school students interested in automotive technology.  And of course, one of their favorite places to be is the Black Tie Tailgate at the Auto Show, where they spend a lot of time with their good pal Clutch!

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